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Rina and the World Bank Group Support Indonesia’s Green Maritime Transport

RINA has recently secured a contract with The World Bank Group to support the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Indonesia in promoting a green and climate-sound development in Indonesia’s port infrastructures and maritime transport. 

Funded by the Korean Green Growth Trust Fund (KGGTF), the World Bank’s activity on ‘Greening the Maritime Transport Sector in Indonesia to Promote an Environmentally- and Climate-Sound Development’ aims to support the Indonesian Ministry of Transport to ensure balancing economic growth with ecological sustainability within ports and maritime transport sector.

The maritime transport sector plays a pivotal role in Indonesia’s economic development, facilitating trade and connectivity and providing important support to various industries. However, the sector’s growth has raised concerns about its environmental and climate impact. Indonesia needs strategic interventions to align maritime activities with sustainable practices. 

 To remind, the P4G-Getting to Zero Coalition report “Shipping’s energy transition: strategic opportunities in Indonesia” found that Indonesia has several opportunities to leverage the global transition to zero emission marine fuels towards key national objectives. However, achieving this will require targeted action in order to unlock these opportunities.

The project will study the ships, shipping, and port sectors to provide a roadmap for the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation to enable a green energy transition.

Specifically, the study will assess the gaps, challenges, and opportunities in greening the ports, ships, and shipping sector and enhance the efficiency and sustainability of port infrastructures and maritime transport across Indonesia. 

Additionally, the work will include a high-level regulatory, policy, and institutional overview of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and related aspects of the ships and shipping sector.


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