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Safety First When Engaging in Sea Activities, Says MMEA

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) advises the public to always put safety first when engaging in sea activities during this festive season.

Its director-general, Admiral Maritime Datuk Hamid Mohd Amin, said that those planning to organize and participate in such activities should check the weather forecast issued by the Meteorological Department, especially considering the rough sea conditions due to the Northeast Monsoon.

"Maritim Malaysia urges all parties heading to the sea to ensure their safety by wearing life jackets while sailing, fishing, or engaging in any activities involving movement at sea.

"In addition to life jackets, the public engaging in sea activities is also advised to carry a Personal Locator Beacon as it can assist and expedite search and rescue efforts at sea in case of emergencies,” he said in a statement today.

Hamid also advised tourist boat operators to comply with all established maritime regulations and laws, including ensuring the maximum passenger capacity and providing sufficient life jackets for all passengers.

The public should contact the emergency hotline MERS 999 or the nearest State Maritime Operations Centre in the event of a maritime emergency for prompt action.


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