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Singapore, Malaysia Navies Complete Bilateral Maritime Exercise

A Singapore S-70B naval helicopter making a cross-deck landing on the Malaysian navy ship KD Lekiu. PHOTO: MINDEF/FACEBOOK

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) and the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) successfully completed a bilateral maritime exercise.

The 31st edition of Exercise Malapura kicked off on Sept 5 at the Lumut Naval Base in Malaysia, with sailors from both navies engaging in professional exchanges, exercise planning and sports activities.

The sea phase of the exercise followed in the Malacca Strait from Sept 8 to Monday, with air defence exercises, gunnery firings, and cross-deck landings of the S-70B naval helicopter on the RMN KD Lekiu frigate.

The two navies also carried out maritime security drills and communication and manoeuvring exercises.

During the 10-day exercise, the RSN deployed the RSS Steadfast Formidable-class frigate, along with an S-70B naval helicopter and a Victory-class missile corvette, the RSS Valiant.

The RMN deployed the KD Lekiu frigate, along with a Super Lynx naval helicopter, and the KD Lekir corvette.

Two Royal Malaysian Air Force F/A-18D fighter aircraft also took part in the exercise.


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